Our menu

The French Basque cuisine of La Paloma restaurant is characterized for having different exquisite quality dishes.

The restaurant menu is innovative and includes 3 changes along the year, adapted to the seasonal products. The products used preserve the best properties to give an excellent dish.

The restaurant specialties are game and mushrooms. Our kitchen staff usually go to the market to find the best qualities.

Apart from this, there is a tasting menu just for 59€

If you want to enjoy and taste the most number of dishes at a reasonable price. There are available half portions and even a miniature tapas menu in the terrace.

To know the wine menu, Click here.


Acorn-fed iberico ham30€
Gratineed sea urchins with quail egg (per piece)8€
Carpaccio of foie gras with maldon salt, pepper and olive oil28,50€
Crispy prawn rolls with soy sauce (per piece)4,25€
Caramelized herrings on toast19,25€
Eggplant tempura with treacle17€
Gratineed bay scallop with vegetables mousseline (per piece)4,25€
Baby lamb sweetbreads and brains27,50€
Partridge croquettes (per piece)3,50€
Veal tripes traditional Madrid-style23,25€


Onion soup with parmesan cheese gratin11€ Media Ración | 17€ Ración Entera
Light cream of langoustines with armagnac11,50€ Media Ración | 18€ Ración Entera
Warm wood pidgeon and chestnut soup12€ Media Ración | 18,50€ Ración Entera
Artichokes stuffed with foie gras and wild mushroom13,5€ Media Ración | 22€ Ración Entera
Langoustine tail raviolis18€ Media Ración | 30,75€ Ración Entera
Sauteed mixed vegetables with iberico ham14€ Media Ración | 23,50€ Ración Entera
Wood pidgeon and mushroom risotto14,50€ Media Ración | 24€ Ración Entera
Warm salad of crayfish tails and lamb brains14€ Media Ración | 23€ Ración Entera
Mushroom and foie lasagna13,50€ Media Ración | 22€ Ración Entera
Bread, appetizers and sweets5,30€


Grilled sea bass with a tomato and thyme compote21€ Media Ración | 37€ Ración Entera
Roast monkfish with artichokes and leeks confit19,25€ Media Ración | 33,75€ Ración Entera
Baked fillet of hake with squid sliced18,75€ Media Ración | 32,50€ Ración Entera
Codfish in garlic and olive oil emulsion with its jowls18,75€ Media Ración | 32,75€ Ración Entera
Hake jowls in garlic, olive oil and parsley sauce22,25€ Media Ración | 39,50€ Ración Entera
Scallops with vegetable tartar and salmon roe14,50€ Media Ración | 24€ Ración Entera
Lobster with veal sweetbread confit16€ Media Ración | 27€ Ración Entera
There is the possibility of taking a frozen fish. All the fish that we serve marinated or very little done are previously frozen.


Oxtail stewed in red wine with potato-celery puree17€ Media Ración | 29,75€ Ración Entera
De-boned pig trotters with truffle sauce17€ Media Ración | 29€ Ración Entera
Squab stuffed with foie gras roasted in sea salt- Media Ración | 35€ Ración Entera
Grilled beef tenderloin with wholegrain mustard sauce19€ Media Ración | 33€ Ración Entera
Confit of de-boned suckling pig19,50€ Media Ración | 34€ Ración Entera
Roast grain-fed spring chiken stuffed with vegetables and foie gras16,50€ Media Ración | 28€ Ración Entera
Veal Kidneys braised in Oloroso sherry with rice15€ Media Ración | 25€ Ración Entera
Hare a la Royale19,50€ Media Ración | 34€ Ración Entera
Mallard in two textures (breast and thight)18,50€ Media Ración | 32€ Ración Entera
Sirloin of venison with red fruits sauce19,50€ Media Ración | 34€ Ración Entera


Merengue filled with chestnut-brandy cream and prune ice cream11,75€
Chocolate dessert (sorbet, cake and mousse)11,75€
Puff pastry apple tart (please order well in advance)11,75€
Puff pastry with caramelised Williams pear11,75€
Crepes filled with cinnamon cream and Orujo sorbet11,75€
Hot chocolate soufllé with vanilla ice cream11,75€
Fresh dates filled with Chantilly cream on toasted marzipan with cinnamon ice cream11,75€
Ricotta mousse with red berries and honey ice cream11,75€
Citrus dessert (Mandarin orange sorbet, grapefruit and pumpkin cake, orange soufflé)11,75€
Forest fruits au gratin with zabaglione11,75€
Sorbets with cava or vodka13€
Sorbets (Lemon, passionfruit, mango, mandarin orange, chocolate)10€
Ice Cream (Vanilla, prune, honey, cinnamon and spanish nougat)10€
Assorted Spanish cheeses (5 types)16€
Coffee, tea and herbal teas3,25€

Before ordering please let us know if you have any food allergies or intolerances.